Kate Dudzik

Current researcher and graduate student within the Institute of Cognitive Science at Carleton University, primarily under the supervision of Dr. R. West.

Primary research interests include:

  • Agent-based cognitive modeling using ACT-R and SGOMS ACT-R
  • Design, development, and coding of models
  • Narrative (including production, functionality, expression, and development)


Carleton University Bio

Agent-based Modeling Experience:

  • Agents performing expert-level tasks, such as game play and achieving goals while navigating dynamic environments
  • Language processing and comprehension
  • Context-based memory retrieval and encoding
  • Development of a single agent capable of producing multiple cognitive processes, such as the above, as well as day-dreaming and emotional expression

Chosen Publications:

West, R. L., Ward, L., Dudzik, K., Nagy, N., & Karimi, F. (2018). Micro and Macro predictions: Using SGOMS to predict phone app game playing and Emergency Operations Centre responses. In Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Las Vegas, U.S.A.

West, R. L., Dudzik, K, Nagy, N., & Karimi F. (2017). Using Apps and Games to Evaluate Cognitive Architectures. Talk at the ACT-R Workshop. London, U.K.

West, R. L., Dudzik, K, & Greenspan, B. (2017). Generating narrative with ACT-R agents, Talk at the ACT-R Workshop. London, U.K.

West, R. L., Nagy, N., Karimi F. & Dudzik, K, (2017). Detecting Macro Cognitive Influences in Micro Cognition: Using Micro Strategies to Evaluate the SGOMS Macro Architecture as implemented in ACT-R. Poster at the 15th International Conference on Cognitive Modelling, London, U.K.

Nagy, N., Karimi, F., & Dudzik, K, (2017, April) Cognitive Engineering and Expertise. Talk given at the Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS) Spring Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON.

Python ACT-R Workshop: DHSITE (2017) with West, L. R. Topic: Autonomous and Interactive Agent Development in Python ACT-R.

Other Interests:
Morning runs, reading science fiction and dystopian novels, painting, and playing the violin, ukulele, and guitar.

Contact Information:
Email: kate.dudzik@carleton.ca