Fascinating talk by John Laird at AAAI  – an honor to be cited in his presentation!

ICCM 2022

A fantastic ICCM conference this year in Toronto – great to meet up with colleagues including Dr. Lebiere who hosted the ACT-R workshop. Maria, Ren, and I presented our papers and Ren did a terrific job presenting ‘gactar’ at the ACT-R workshop. Well done all!

Brendan Conway-Smith gives a talk at ICCM 2022

Congratulations to lab members published at CogSci and ICCM 2022!
.          • Tristan Shaeen
.          • Ren Ozen
.          • Maria Vorobeva
.          • Brendan Conway-Smith

We’ve been selected as one of the Top 20 Cognitive Science Blogs on the web! Check it out here:


All our researchers at the Cognitive Modeling Lab are surviving and thriving during the pandemic and looking forward to spring activities. There are many fascinating projects on the go and publications in the works. Check out our individual researcher pages to learn more!

Summer lab sessions

Despite COVID lockdown dragging on (and on) we irrepressible lab folk are continuing lab meetings this summer. This includes weekly meetings online and some outdoor coffee walks (appropriately distanced). We are looking forward to campus life resuming as usual – or close enough to it. The new normal is immanent – stand by! 🙂