New publication that Brendan Conway-Smith will present at Stanford on March 26th.

Toward Autonomy: Metacognitive Learning for Enhanced AI Performance Link

AAAI 2023 publication

See our new publication at this years fall symposium of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial intelligence

West, R., Eckler, S., Conway-Smith, B., Turcas, N., Kelly, M. (2023). Bridging generative networks with the common model of cognition. In AAAI Fall Symposium. Link

Fascinating talk by John Laird at AAAI  – an honor to be cited in his presentation!

ICCM 2022

A fantastic ICCM conference this year in Toronto – great to meet up with colleagues including Dr. Lebiere who hosted the ACT-R workshop. Maria, Ren, and I presented our papers and Ren did a terrific job presenting ‘gactar’ at the ACT-R workshop. Well done all!

Brendan Conway-Smith gives a talk at ICCM 2022

Congratulations to lab members published at CogSci and ICCM 2022!
.          • Tristan Shaeen
.          • Ren Ozen
.          • Maria Vorobeva
.          • Brendan Conway-Smith

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