Brendan Conway-Smith

Brendan is a PhD candidate at the Department of Cognitive Science at Carleton and a member of the Cognitive Modeling Lab. He is an instructor of undergraduate cognitive science, and contributor to The Conversation.

Brendan received an MA in cognitive science from Carleton (2020). His thesis focused on the computational modeling of metacognition.

Research interests
•  Metacognition
•  Cognitive modeling
•  Artificial cognition
•  Neuroscience

brendan conway-smith tedx
TEDx video to be released August 2022.

The conversation article

Conway-Smith, B., & West, R. L. (2022). Clarifying System 1 & 2 through the Common Model of Cognition. In Proceedings of ICCM 2022 20th International Conference on Cognitive Modelling. 

Conway-Smith, B., & West, R. L. (2022). Clarifying Metacognition System 1 & 2 with the Common Model. Proceedings of the 44th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. Toronto, Canada.

Conway-Smith, B., & West, R. L. (2021). The Proceduralization of Metacognitive Skills. Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.

Conway-Smith, B., & West, R. L. (2020) A Hierarchical Model of Metacognition. Proceedings of the 42th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.

West, R. L., & Conway-Smith, B. (2019). A Computational Theory of Feeling. In Proceedings of ICCM 2019 17th International Conference on Cognitive Modelling, 295-300


ICCM 2022 presentation:
Clarifying system-1 & 2 through the common model of cognition

Video lecture archive:
Theories in Cognitive Science (CGSC 2001B):

Metacognition lecture:

CogSci 2021 conference:
The proceduralization of metacognitive skills

GRADflix – 1 min. video contest:

CogSci conference 2020:
A hierarchical model of metacognition

Carleton Colloquium :

Introduction to Cognitive Modeling & ACT-R:

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Brendan is the winner of the 2018 TA award for excellence,
and the creator of the cognitive science logo