Brendan Conway-Smith


Brendan is a Ph.D student at the Department of Cognitive Science at Carleton and a member of the Cognitive Modeling Lab.

He received an MA in cognitive science from Carleton (2020). His thesis focused on computational modeling of metacognition.

His research interests:
•  Metacognition
•  Cognitive modeling
•  Philosophy of cognition
•  Cognitive neuroscience

Read his masters’ thesis:
Clarifying Metacognition Through Computational Modeling

Watch a presentation of his research:

A Hierarchical Model of Metacognition  –  CogSci 2020

Carleton Colloquium  –  “Modeling Metacognition”

Introduction to Cognitive Modeling & ACT-R

See his github:

Publications include:
West, R. L., & Conway-Smith, B. (2019). A Computational Theory of Feeling. Proceedings of ICCM 2019 17th International Conference on Cognitive Modelling, 295-300.

Brendan is the winner of the 2018 TA award for excellence.
He is the creator of the cognitive science logo:

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