David Pierre Leibovitz

David is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Science at Carleton University.

He is interested in unified modeling (ontologizing), and more fundamentally, understanding what (epistemizing) factors hinder scientific progress, and how these can be overcome.

David’s abstract philosophizing is grounded in his concrete unifying computational cognitive model of visual processing.


David leads the following projects (listed by scientific importance):

WikiSilo For disciplining and facilitating scientific progress. A set of tools and a minimalist epistemology for organizing and unifying possibilities in long-term theoretical explorations. Essential for  fundamental world-views changes or paradigm shifts.
Open-form thinking A fundamental world-view change (having an enormous impact and therefore needing a WikiSilo) that links mathematics, language, learning  and effective decision making in general – so geared to an audience aged 12 and up. It explains why closed-form thinking must result in scientism. Open-form thinking updates the minimalist WikiSilo with additional epistemizing constraints.
Emergic Approach An epistemology for doing science over complex dynamic systems with massive feedback and parallelism. An application of open-form thinking geared to academics.
Emergic Network A computational architecture for modeling anything harnessing massive feedback (recurrence) and parallelism (e.g.,  cognition). Computationally bridging epistemizing with ontologizing. It must be used according to the Emergic Approach, otherwise it is not “Emergic”.
Emergic Cognitive System A system for embodying a cognitive model in a virtual and dynamic agent that is situated in a dynamic environment using simulated real-time. This allows a zero parameter model to be tested with a wide variety of experimental paradigms covering a large contextual domain.
Emergic Cognitive Model A unifying cognitive modeling (currently for visual processing) based on the Emergic Network. Primarily an ontologizing line of inquiry.

Contact Information


email: dpleibovitz@ieee.org
www: dpleibovitz.upwize.com
Carleton University VSIM 5210 Q