It’s All About Flow

(By Jen Schellinck)

Some tidbits from this week’s lab round-table:

  • Representations and truth value – how many definitions can we find? Can we get away without representations? Can philosophy help us by teasing apart many competing definitions of this word?
  • Musical cognition: A fascinating topic! Music is one of the few human universals. And even some non-human species are happy to bop along to a tune (although not all have a decent sense of rhythm). But what role does music really play in cognition? Is it important? Is it a side-effect of some other cognitive feature? The jury is still out.
  • Books the lab is currently reading: Against the Grain, Catching Fire
  • Coming from the discussion of books we are reading, some further thoughts on the psychological state of flow:
    • How does flow relate to Expertise and SGOMS – Is expertise a flow state?
    • Interruptions – SGOMS handles this, but flow is about *not* perceiving interruptions
    • Cognitive tunneling – can this be a part of expertise?

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