Deadline Parties and Cognitive History

(By Jen Schellinck)

We started our lab meeting this week with our deadline party, which went very well – clearly our lab is a fan of social support on the deadline front. We also got a sneak peak at Brendan’s current research project, which argues that we’ve been looking at history from a cognitively naive point of view. His main assertion is that we are at a unique point in time when we can now look back at history through a cognitive lens and obtain a novel view of the human story. In connection with this, Rob brought up an interesting reference relevant to this research, connected with Jeremy’s work, about a predecessor to Marr.

To round out the lab meeting, we also briefly chatted about the celebrity culture within science, and came up with 18 different ways to put up a whiteboard – never say our lab isn’t multi-talented 🙂

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