So Many Summer Projects

(By Jen Schellinck)

Summer project work is in full swing in the cognitive modelling lab. In brief…

  • Kate is working to submit multiple abstracts and papers on Rachel, her A.I. model of human cognition,
  • David is updating and rejuvenating his wikimergic/wikisilo site and working on his book on open vs closed thought forms,
  • Brendan is putting the finishing touches on his paper on cognitive history,
  • Phoebe is undertaking the massive task of bringing us into the modern world of citation and paper management and taking psych courses,
  • Liz is beta-testing a new cognitive task app that will be used to collect data for upcoming experiments,
  • Chad submitted a conference paper,
  • Ken and I are rocketing along in developing the Islands game, which will be used to study exploitation dynamics,
  • Emily is gearing up to enter the world of cognitive science (via the Master’s program),
  • Adam is preparing to plow through a massive reading list of articles,
  • AND everyone else is so busy they didn’t have a chance to update us this week!
  • So much for a quiet summer!

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