Student Researcher videos

Modeling Metacognition (1 min. video contest)


Introduction to Cognitive Modeling
        by Brendan Conway-Smith


A Hierarchical Model of Metacognition
Presentation for CogSci 2020  –  Brendan Conway-Smith


Ethical Test-driven Development
Presentation for ICCM 2020 – Steve Highstead


Does ACT-R Model Me?
Presentation for ICCM 2020 – Emily Greve


Supplementing problem solving with erroneous examples
Presentation for CogSci 2020Sabrina, Di Lonardo Burr, Heather Douglas, Maria Vorobeva, & Kasia Muldner


Common Model Cognitive Architecture
Brendan Conway-Smith


Colloquium 2020  –  “Modeling Metacognition”
 Brendan Conway-Smith


TEDx Ottawa
Prof. Robert West