Thesis Proposal is Go!

Thesis prospectus approved!  

Metacognitive Modeling now has the green light.

I propose to synthesize the literature on metacognition, and connect it to the cognitive ‘Common Model’ : 


Really, metacognition is just “thinking about thinking.” It’s part of daily life, when we ask ourselves “Did I forget anything? Did I understand that?” Have you ever noticed a thought or emotion? That’s meta. It’s ordinary.

Metacognition also allows for higher thinking. It’s the number one predictor of learning and an indicator of business success. Hey, science itself is metacognitive. Directing our thoughts is how we uncover the secrets of the universe.

Now we’re trying to understand how. How does the mind understand itself? How can we benefit?

The problem is that it’s abstract. Metacognition remains a lonely mountain peak shrouded in fog. Yet we can shine a light onto it with cognitive modeling. This is how I aim to help research on metacognition, in a way not yet done – metacognitive modeling.

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